Broken Bells


1.  The High Road

We’re bound to wait all night

she’s bound to run amuck

invested enough in it anyhow

and to each his own

the garden is sorting out

she curls her lips on a bow

and I don’t know if you’re dead or not

if you’re anyone


C’mon and get the minimum

before you open up your eyes

this army has so many heads to analyze

c’mon and get your overdose

collect it at the borderline

and they want to get up in your head

cause they know and so do I

the high road is hard to find

a detour in your new life

tell all of your friends good bye


The dawn to end all nights

that’s all we hoped it was

a break from the warfare in your house

but to each his own

a soldier is bailing out

he curled his lips on a barrel

and I don’t know if the dead can talk

to anyone


C’mon and get the minimum

before you open up your eyes

this army has so many hands

are you one of us

c’mon and get your overdose

collect it at the borderline

and they want to get up in your head


It’s too late to change your mind

you’ve let loss be your guide



2.  Vaporize

What amounts to a dream anymore

a crude device a veil on our eyes

a simple plan we’d be different from the rest

and never resign to a typical life


Common fears start to multiply

we realize we’re paralyzed

where’d it go all that precious time

did we even try to stem the tide


Why should we waste it all

buying into the same old lies

the longer we wait around

the faster the years go by


It’s not too late

to feel a little more alive

make our escape

before we start to vaporize


Doubtless, we’ve been through this

So if you want to follow me, you should know

I was lost then, and I’m lost now,

And I doubt I’ll ever know which way to go



3.  Your Head Is On Fire

Run and hide your head is on fire

whirling masses rolling ashes

dream of morning grey earth dawning

life in stasis 40 paces


To turn away from the night

allowing the light alone

is surely fooling yourself

leaving half on the shelf

you’ll never know

how low an angry heart can go

so hold onto that certain hand

as we’re turning in


Does anybody else here

Feel that fear

That none of all these good things had to be

Or is it just me



4.  The Ghost Inside
She sold her love to a modern man
Good solid currency’s the hardest to land
All of that money helps you cover your ass
Don’t let the ladyfinger blow in your hands
Did it all…

For that dollar
She’s a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up the ghost inside

Just Like a whiskey bottle drained on the floor
She got no future just a life to endure
This good samaritan is shakin’ her hand
Too late to leave here now the songs in the can
Give it up….

For that dollar
She’s a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up the ghost inside

You call it chivalry
Never pull a punch for free
You ever wonder why they had to move on?
This phony honor code
That put you on your throne
A double standard you invoke when you want…..

For that dollar
She’s a star tonight
Without warning
She gave up the ghost inside

Was it all for show?
Don’t turn into one of them
Turning another page,
Trust me darling,
I’m carving a moat through the dust in your town
Crawling over the rubble
Just to serve you
Tend to wonder why…



5.  Sailing to Nowhere

Tonight we sail the wide low wind

rolling her homeward with blood on our knives!

who’d a known, you’re a deviant sister

guts on your blouse

you’re worth your own weight

in diamonds – a dozen

sailing to nowhere

vapor to float on

still we roll on through the night


Tattling systems trading in lies

taken down by the hounds

one by one

longing to find our way out

following the ghost down


Running in circles

a mouse on the table

I try to feel but just don’t

curling and dead inside

“go on and cut him in half” said I



6.  Trap Doors

Walk out before you make it worse on yourself

now’s not the time for that elegant laugh

daggers from the people once by your side

once by your side but now that is over

you’ll have to pick up and just

start again start again


You’ve fallen to earth and your collared in ice

but burning yourself ain’t no challenge to winter

gotta clip the lines and move for yourself

just move for yourself luv

now that it’s over

you’ll have to pick up and just

watch your back, watch your back


And close your eyes to run far, far

trap doors to the endless fields of our young land

have we grown too tired in our land to fight


Look valentine if you want it to end

your life at this temperature life under water

you’ve got to let these fools all trample themselves

they trample themselves just dying to enter

you’re preaching to the choir

so turn around turn around



7.  Citizen

This is a day without a trace of reason

no matter where you turn

and the walls will fall

affirming nothing

so what’s it all about

call on the brightest star

or play your hand as it lays

wounds always speak too loud


Get along for a while citizen and you’ll see

how the innocent are bound to the damned

what is just is, I know

so we’re trapped by answers

love haunts till the end


Are we all to ride the edge of nothing

shake hands with fighting eyes

and if they don’t know

the heart is starving cause everyone is right


From the moment that we’re born

till we’re old and tired

do we ever know people



8.  October

So you show me round your town

to hell again and back

your love has served to alienate all the friends you depend on

i know it might seem odd

but kid you’re not the only one

i remember myself as a lonely child

so i was and you’ve got me wrong

you got me wrong


Wrong just seems so right

till the spike of morning light

and all these searching eyes

do they scald your tender hide


Remember what they say

“there’s no shortcut to a dream

it’s all blood and sweat

and life is what you manage in between”

but what you don’t know

is you’re too young and eager to love

this evening i see you’re about to get into the ditch that your old man dug


See the stars align

and leave you behind

you want it so and I

I come by light of an autumn moon

sister you know enough

but for now just let it go

don’t run don’t rush just flow


Through the give and take you’ve had to learn

How to cross the coals and not get burned

But you’re really just a little girl

Playing in the park

Till the sun goes down


So twenty one arrives one day and your time is up

no doubt you think you braided your own hair

so you’re all grown up

should you wander cross the line

which way do you want to fight

pretending at love could help you find your way

but you’ve got me wrong



9.  Mongrel Heart

Is it hard to wait

drowned by your mongrel heart again

If you don’t answer where do you want to be found

duck through the window you’re a blight on the town


Love is turning you out

sliding whirling round

I tried to warn you

This waiting game

will bring that specter down.


And would it be wrong

to clamp down on your racing heart love

and if they’d known, persisted….. oh, to be found

It’s not what you deserve


Faster than you can run come your demons

turn out the lights oh, sacred owl

and if you don’t answer would you want to be found

five days on trapped by their weight


Back on this old game you’ll be

cut down in a seedy stairway

If you don’t answer would you want to be found luv

Sapped from the bed to the window


Looking back on the time

starting in the mines

what it is to be twenty-nine

when fame sets your life down

Would it be wrong

would it be wrong

To disappoint you now



10.  The Mall and Misery

Use your intuition it’s all you’ve got

keys are rare and there’s a thousand locks

stand in your way

so goes the gold age… your tired life

digging for a way you cast a spell

carve a path from all the things they sell

but they don’t let go

just thought you should know… either way


I know what I know would not fill a thimble

so let my mind go straight down the runway

does one want to get more used to

the mall and misery the debt mounts

the cost to be alive


Your eyes are burning from the biting cold

if only to learn what you’ve never been told

that there’s a real world

and somewhere a good girl… lives and breathes

powdered hope in my callow mind

an idea stolen by the morning tide

now there’s a dark time

and this is your dark rhyme… to fill your heart